Care Homes & Healthcare

Why choose AtmoSan for your care home or healthcare setting?

AtmoSan provides safe and reliable decontamination and sanitisation solutions for care homes and senior living homes all over the UK. 

  • No waiting time for disinfection of Care Home communal areas: Mobile fogging of bedrooms and communal areas within care homes can be done in a matter of minutes with the ability to immediately re-occupy the space. Many other products on the market require a waiting time of 1-3 hours for disinfection.
  • Eliminating the risk of damaging furniture and assets whilst fogging in Care Homes: Using the AtmoSan Foggers delivering a dry mist of down to 5 microns, means there is no residue left.
  • Giving confidence to Care Home Residents, Care Teams and Visitors that your care home and communal areas are safe: AtmoSan Biocide kills Coronavirus and 99.999999% of all pathogens types. Using the AtmoSan Foggers and Biocide allows for Fast & Effective disinfection regularly throughout the day with an immediate re-occupation advantage.

Our solutions, packages and products provide care homes and healthcare settings with the ability to:

  • Retain current residents through confidence that the home is safe and that the team are going above and beyond with measures keep infection under control in the home.
  • Attract further residents into homes through reassuring family that processes are keeping their relatives safe.
  • Implement a fast, effective solution to kill Coronavirus and other pathogen types (including C-Diff, MRSA, NORO) safely throughout the homes.
  • Carry out a superior means of aerial and surface sanitising every space and fibre in a room, including hard to reach spaces not normally accessible. 
  • Use fogging machines to quickly and effectively spray  our decontamination solution requiring no special training- quick application means it can be done regularly in higher traffic areas.
  • Allow instant reoccupation of the space without the need for any PPE.
  • Offer safe visiting to family members through our AtmoPods.

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Recommended products

The following products are recommended for healthcare settings to effectively provide a safe environment for residents, staff and family members.

Fogging machines with AtmoSan Biocide

Read our Knowledge Hub to learn more about our fogging systems and AtmoSan Biocide Decontamination Solution. We also supply checklists and method cards to assist in the training of staff.