AtmoSan Biocide Sanitising and Decontamination Fluid 20L

Decontamination Fluid 20LDecontamination Fluid 20L

AtmoSan Biocide Sanitising and Decontamination Fluid 20L

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  • 99.999999% log 8 kill rate of all pathogens known to man, including Viruses (Coronavirus), Bacteria, Funguses, Spores and Moulds.
  • The active ingredient is Hypochlorous Acid (HOCl) or otherwise known as Anolyte, which is produced through patented electrochemical technology.
  • It replicates the same HOCl naturally produced by white blood cells of all mammals, enabling the immune system to eradicate invasive organisms, and fight infections.
  • Contains no alcohol or bleach, is a Non-irritant and Non-flammable
  • pH neutral
  • This Biocide can be used as a direct surface disinfectant in our spray bottles, or administered through a ULV cold fogging system, which offers Dry Mist Surface and Air Decontamination.

Accredited Standards

  • (EU) No 528-2012
  • BS EN 1276    
  • BS EN 1656-2009   
  • BS EN 14476-2013 + A1-2015

AtmoSan Biocide is part the AtmoSan Decontamination System complete with AtmoSonic ULV Foggers & AtmoSure Testing System to prove your results.


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